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Child Advocacy Center


When a child has been abused, it is even harder to know where to turn for help, guidance, and understanding. The first step is the Family Crisis Center’s Child Advocacy Center. The CAC has the experience and resources to help children and their families navigate a complex legal system, while staying focused on what matters most – the child’s safety and wellbeing.

Helping abused children and their families requires an approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and legal dimensions of abuse. It requires a coordinated response from expert professionals to reduce stress throughout the investigation and intervention process. The Child Advocacy Center works in partnership with all the necessary agencies, including the police, prosecutors, social workers, advocates, medical and mental health professionals, and other specialists to coordinate a plan of action.

Healing Starts Here

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Here to Help

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) provides professional, collaborative relationships with partners as well as compassionate services to children and families who have experienced abuse in a family-friendly environment. The CAC becomes involved with the children and families upon referral from Department for Children and Families (DCF) and/or Law Enforcement in order to assist with the investigative process and provide services through referrals as well as advocacy to the child and family. Services for the CAC are provided in Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Ellsworth, Pratt, and Stafford Counties.

CAC Services Include

MDT Investigations

A prompt, interagency response to gain knowledge and clarity about the child’s experience.

Forensic Interviews

A fact-finding conversation with the child conducted by a specialty trained interviewer.

Mental Health Services

We refer to crisis intervention, support, and evidence-based trauma-informed therapists.

Medical Services

We accompany for SANE exams to provide advocacy with a trauma-informed victim-centered approach.

Family Advocacy

We provide support, referrals, and resources to children and their families.

How We Can Help

Utilizing the Child Advocacy Center reduces the number of times a child will have to tell about the abuse, helping them pursue justice while still moving toward healing as quickly as possible. All services of the CAC are provided FREE of charge to the victims and their families, and we work to collaborate with the appropriate law enforcement, mental health professionals, medical professionals, etc.

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About CAC Interviews:

We know this is likely to be a difficult, stressful, and confusing time for victims and their families. Our interview rooms at the CAC feature welcoming family-friendly seating, wall murals created by local artists, and activities to help the child feel comfortable speaking about an uncomfortable subject. Our specially trained interviewers take into account the child’s emotional needs and developmental level to meet them where they’re at during the interview.

Get in Touch

If you know a child that has been affected by abuse we are here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone, or stop by in person at either of our two locations. Scroll to the bottom of the page for contact information. Everyone deserves to feel safe, and children are the most innocent of all. We can help the victim and their family with the legal process as well as with healing 

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