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Donate to Help

Ways to Contribute

There are many ways to contribute to the Family Crisis Center, either with immediate cash donations to help with operations and urgent needs, or through legacy gifts to the Family Crisis Center's endowment at the Golden Belt Community Foundation. We also encourage lifelong supporters to consider leaving our organization in your will. All financial gifts are tax-deductible. 

Immediate Gifts Can be Mailed To:

Family Crisis Center, Inc.

1924 Broadway Ave

Great Bend, KS 67530

Tax receipts will be provided for any donations of $250 or greater.


Other ways to support the Family Crisis Center financially without giving anything out of your own pocket is to enroll in either the Amazon Smile program, the Walgreens Rewards program, or the Dillons Community Rewards program. All you do is enroll your Dillons card in the program and select the Family Crisis Center as the organization who benefits from the rewards paid to us by Dillons. They donate directly to us with a percentage of all your Dillons purchases when you use your Plus Card. You can also help the Family Crisis Center by participating in the Dillons Plus Card Program, where you opt for a percentage of all your Dillons purchases to benefit the Family Crisis Center.

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